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Forum Privacy - Mini Referendum !!

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Should we make the Forum entirely private ??

Poll ended at July 17th, 2016, 2:46 pm

No - I think it's fine as is, open for guests to read
Yes - I am in favour of a private forum
Total votes: 8

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Forum Privacy - Mini Referendum !!

Post by admin » June 17th, 2016, 2:46 pm


Jill Terrell recently asked me a good and incisive question about security of personal data on this forum, which prompted me to consider improvements. To clarify, in the past only your full name and boat name should have been publicly available. Other data provided as part of registration (e.g. postal address) is private and only accessible to forum administrators for verification purposes (basically to stop folk with nefarious intentions from registering).

As from today I have changed the way the 'Mini Profile Box' on topics works so that your full name and boat name are not shown to guests, e.g. anyone who has not logged in. This will further help to keep your personal data away from the public domain.

Should we become totally private ??

We could take privacy further, and make the entire forum only available to members who are logged in; guests (i.e. anyone who is not logged in) would not have access to events information etc. The reason it is open to the public to read presently is that it allows members of the TCC who do not have forum accounts simply to read about events, and maybe join in, and it also to makes it easier for everybody to access the forum, as many find it irritating to have to login just to catch up on events.

What do you think ?

Please complete the on-line poll above this topic. I will also welcome any additional comments you wish to make about the way the forum operates; please comment by posting a reply to this topic. Please note you must be logged in to vote and you will only have the opportunity to vote once and voting is anonymous. The results are shown immediately after voting, in graphical form, as running totals.

Jack Sparrow
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Re: Forum Privacy - Mini Referendum !!

Post by Jack Sparrow » June 17th, 2016, 3:44 pm

I can't see much of a problem as it is,.
Thus allowing people to monitor what's going on without logging in. Thus hopefully attracting more people to join in.
I believe it would be a step backward if when they did this they could not see who was attending their Boat Name.
Also a lot of people say they struggle with logging to make things invisible to those who are not logging in is not something I would support

Its not as if this forum is high visibility, or attracts a lot of traffic..


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