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Pop-Up Blockers

In some situations where you have especially rigorous pop-up blocking you may find that you need to allow pop-up's to permit all the site menu items to operate correctly, for example some detailed items open in a new window, which some browsers will recognise as a 'pop-up'.

Use of "Cookies"

Please see our separate page about our cookie policy, which we believe is fully compliant with the current EU regulations.


This site is tested to work correctly using modern versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. It should also work correctly in most other modern browsers. Please report any incompatibilities to the Webmaster.


Many features of this web site depend upon having JavaScript enabled. If you get script warnings, this is due to you having script permissions in your browser set to a higher than the default settings. You may safely accept the scripts on this site.

Anonymous Information

Using the logging facilities provided by our Internet Service Providers we may gather the following anonymous information in aggregate form: browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari), operating system (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Linux), IP address, and Internet domain (e.g. Demon, AOL).

Virus and Firewall Protection

The Tollesbury Cruising Club recommends that you always run an effective virus scanning application, and that if you are a serious Internet user, you invest in proper Internet security arrangements including a firewall. Please e-mail the Webmaster for further details.

About this Web Site

This site is built using the Joomla Content Management System and will operate correctly with most modern browsers and with 1024x768 display resolution or better. This should not affect usability. If you are using a display with a smaller resolution, e.g. 800x600, you will need to scroll horizontally to see all of the page.


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The site is based on a Joomla template 'Sailboats' from a4joomla.


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Many thanks to all Tollesbury Club members and others who have provided source material and to the originators of photographs and other images used on this site.

Any copyright infringements in the information provided on the web site are unintentional and we request that they be advised to the Webmaster.

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