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Cookie Policy & Setting

What are "Cookies" ?

Cookies are small software files that are loaded automatically by many web sites into your device when web pages are accessed. They are of two types 'long term' and 'session'. Long term cookies remain active on your computer after a browser session has ended. They are often dated, and expire after a set time has elapsed. They are, for example, often used for example to 'remember' log-in details, to save the user having to input  user names etc. each time a web site is accessed. Session cookies are short term, they only exist whilst you are browsing the site, are not used to collect information or 'track' your browsing, and expire as soon as you leave the web site 'session'. They are renewed each time you re-access a web site. Session cookies are used to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions you need in order to enjoy modern web sites.

Use of Cookies on this web site

This web site only places one long term cookie, which is used to 'remember' (for 30 days) whether or not you have accepted that cookies may be stored on your device. We also make some limited use is made of session cookies. The cookies used by the Tollesbury Cruising Club web site are normally regarded as being harmless. We specifically do not track your usage of the Internet. Third party web sites that you browse to via the Tollesbury Cruising Club web site may however place different types of 'cookie' as our control software can only provide limited control over third party cookies.

External (third party) sites, e.g. those accessed when you follow web links, may use cookies to track your usage, for example vendors often use cookies to track orders, and to allow them to send you "targeted" sales promotion material by e-mail. Cookies can be disabled or monitored on most web browsers, however this will normally limit your ability to browse some of the more advanced web sites.

There are a number of well known sites that provide specialist usage tracking services, and it may be considered worthwhile specifically blocking these. Various software cookie management tools and Internet security aids are available, and can be used to control cookies, and pop-up adverts.

To find out more about cookies, how they are used and the risks associated with them, visit the All About Cookies Web Site.

For further advice on this subject please e-mail the Webmaster.

Cookie Management on this web site

If you live in an EU country you will be challenged when first entering the site (and thereafter at intervals of 30 days), to decide whether or not you will accept our cookies. This decision can be reversed at any time by pressing the button at the top of this page. We believe that our cookie policy is fully compliant with the current EU directives. If you decline to accept our 'cookies' you may find that some functionallity on the web site, either current or in the future fails to operate correctly.

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