Directions to Tollesbury Cruising Club - by boat

Tollesbury is on the North shore of the River Blackwater, some 8 miles East of the historic town of Maldon. The Cruising Club is situated within Tollesbury Marina on the Western edge of the Marina basin.

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Entrance from the Nass Beacon (River Blackwater)   51.45.839 N   0.54.888 E

Chartlet of Woodrolfe CreekFrom the Nass Beacon, follow the red and green cans West towards Tollesbury leavings. The channel becomes shallow by the entrance to Tollesbury Fleet (North Channel), but is available to most vessels after half tide. The entrance has been completely marked with channel buoys through the South Channel, the Leavings, Woodrolfe Creek and the channel to the marina entrance. (Note that both Port Hand and Starboard Hand buoys are conical.)

Great Cobb Island East CardinalAll buoys are lit up to the Leavings as Fl.R.5s to port and Fl.G.5s to starboard, with the exception of the Great Cobb Island East Cardinal Mark, QFl(3)10s (photo right) making entrance at night much easier than hitherto. Once in the Leavings you will find yacht moorings marking the centre of the channel. You will see a tide gauge at the entrance to the creek marking the height of tide over the marina sill.

Entrance to Woodrolfe Creek. Through the Leavings follow moorings to the entrance to Woodrolfe Creek (also buoyed, but not shown on the chartlet) where there's a pair of port and starboard hand buoys which are both lit Fl.R.5s and Fl.G.5s respectively. The next pair of buoys going up Woodrolfe Creek are unlit, but then all buoys are lit to the marina entrance. In addition, the tide gauge on the starboard side of the marina entrance is lit, Fl.G.5s.

Click the chartlet above for a larger version (easier to see the detail and for printing).

Negotiating Woodrolfe Creek

Tide Gauge at Marina EntranceThe chartlet below (buoyage in the creek is not shown) shows the best water route through Woodrolfe Creek (updated January 2008). The creek carries a fair amount of water until the lightship is approached, at which point care should be taken. The deepest water lies on the starboard side of the channel, by the lightship, then moves to the port hand side around the final bend before the marina entrance. Entrance to Tollesbury Marina is available to most vessels 2 hours of either side of high water, obviously depending on the tidal range and the draft of the boat. The sill dries to 2.3m above chart datum. Visitors who are unfamiliar with the creek should preferably enter 1 hour before HW, when even at Spring tides the saltings will not be covered. Entrance on the top of Spring tides is not recommended as many of the familiar landmarks will be covered.

There are two tide gauges in Woodrolfe Creek showing the depth over the Marina sill. The first is on the North side of Woodrolfe Creek, about 100 metres from the entrance. The second is adjacent to the marina sill. Please note that the tide makes rapidly in Woodrolfe Creek, so you will not have long to wait if you arrive early!


Google Earth view of Woodrolfe Creek1 - After channel markers (number and exact position may vary) keep to the centre of the creek, through moorings

2 - Abreast the Saltings cut keep well to Starboard towards lightship

3 - After lightship, approaching the bend South, move over to the Port side of the channel

4 - After rounding the bend move back into mid channel

5 - Leave tide gauge 3 meters to starboard for best water over the sill

Please Note: this chartlet is provided for general information and whilst believed accurate, should not be relied upon for navigation through Woodrolfe Creek. You can click on the chartlet for a printable version of these directions. Many thanks to Robin Kemp for his assistance in compiling this chartlet. Base image courtesy of Google Earth.

Entering Tollesbury Marina

Marina PlanThe marina is dredged to approximately 2 metres below sill level, so most boats will remain afloat when in the basin at any state of the tide.

Call the marina office on VHF channel 80 to reserve your berth before entering the marina. If you are unable to arrange a berth beforehand, please make your way to the fuel berth (no. 7 on the detailed plan; under the crane) and moor temporarily before locating the harbourmaster who will allocate you a visitors berth.

You can click on the small plan to the left for a larger plan with more detail that you can print if necessary.

Visitors will be given a pack of information when they arrive, this includes details of how to access the marinas free WiFi service.