The Club participates ina number of races each season

Racing Events

Each year the Tollesbury Cruising Club organises a complete programme of racing events. The schedule and details of this years events can be found in the Events section of our discussion forum.

The ethos behind our club racing is primarily to have fun, but by competing against other members, it can develop your sailing skill, and awareness, thus making us better sailors.

The Racing programme consists of up to 10 races, and are open to all comers, both new and old hands. Alternatively with any race, you are always welcome to join as a Cruising member, and get involved with any event or festivities that are organised after the event.

Three of the races are inter Club events; The Wallet Long Race where we compete against the Tollesbury Sailing Club, the Kings Head Cup where TSC challenges us to sail "round the island" and the Wallet Shield Race which is organised by the member clubs of the Wallet Association. The clubs take it in turn to organise the Wallet Ball and the Race, where the first three boats from any competing club, are awarded the trophy.