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New Cardinal Mark in the Blackwater

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New Cardinal Mark in the Blackwater

Post by sheff » November 7th, 2016, 11:26 pm

One to avoid in the Frostbite race this year:


Be aware that Maldon District Council will be installing a new South Cardinal navigation mark within the River Blackwater, Essex during the forthcoming month The Unlit Yellow and Black navigation buoy will carry a topmark comprising two black triangles apex down.

The unlit buoy will bear the name ‘TOLLESBURY PIER’ and has been requested by concerned river users. Upon further investigation it is evident that part of the intertidal area has recently eroded and has exposed a section of wooden stakes that were once the legs of Tollesbury Pier. These posts pose a danger to navigation and river traffic is advised to avoid the area between the saltmarsh and the Tollesbury Pier South Cardinal Mark for reasons of safety.

BUOY POSITION: 51⁰44.482N 00⁰51.542E

There is a chartlet courtesy of Roger Gaspar at - select the Temporary list.


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