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GPS Rollover April 2019

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GPS Rollover April 2019

Post by iangc » April 6th, 2019, 9:52 am

The Maritme and Coastguard Agency have issued a safety bulletin -13 in relation to GPS Rollover see attached .

In summary the 'rollover' is because the week counter in GPS systems can hold week numbers up to a maximum of 1024, after this it resets to zero. This happens every 19.7 years and if not dealt with correctly in the GPS receiver can lead to errors in time, such as automated logkeeping and tidal information. In the lifetime of GPS systems this has already happened once. Most equipment manufacturers are very well aware of this issue and their newer GPS receivers can handle the rollover, consequently it is thought that its only likely to affect older GPS receivers and associated systems such as MFD's and chartplotters.

I believe that this should only affect the date and time and NOT your position - but advise that you check !
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