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Cruise to Ramsgate and the Medway 25 May

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Re: Cruise to Ramsgate and the Medway 25 May

Post by challenge2 » May 27th, 2019, 10:12 pm

A great weekend!

Just what the club is all about, thanks to both Brian and Peter for their help, Challenge II managed to get to Ramsgate and back with a dodgy raw water pump and we all had a great time as well!

The water pump problem is still to be finally resolved but thanks to Peter taking us in tow and Brian coordinating we were able to effect a repair that enabled us to manoeuvre into Ramsgate and enjoy the weekend

All crews were able to take advantage of Thanet’s public transport and do some exploring on the Sunday, finally to have a lively sail back on the Monday arriving to an unexpectedly good height of tide at the marina after a mainly uneventful return trip

Thanks again to Brian, Wendy, Peter for saving our bacon on the trip down, thankfully we were able to sail most of the way back and the repair held up for the 3 hour motor sail from the Swin to Tollesbury
Bob Gant
Challenge II

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Re: Cruise to Ramsgate and the Medway 25 May

Post by PeterF » May 28th, 2019, 9:56 am

Absolutely tremendous long weekend, so many lovely moments from mid sea milk transfer, seeing North Foreland lighthouse and the whitecliffs, family games on the beach and crazy golf at broadstairs, wonderful company and a speedy sail back. Whole weekend topped off with the amazing sight of enough water to float into the harbour an 1hr before HW when predicted tide suggested we wouldn't get in at all.

Brian, Wendy, Bob, Anne HUGE thanks for introducing me to that trip in your company.

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Re: Cruise to Ramsgate and the Medway 25 May

Post by Wilksy » May 29th, 2019, 1:55 am

Hi all the Ramsgate explorers
Well we had a few events; my waterworks not flowing, Bob's pump not pumping and I managed to lose yet another washboard. Great time and I finally managed to visit Broadstairs which was well worth the walk. Thanks to Bob & Anne, Peter and family for being great company. A cracking sail back although a bit bumpy off foreland and the, not unusual, beat in the Blackwater. I nearly shook hands with the locals at St Osyth before tacking but enjoyed every bit and glad we took the extra day.

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