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Bank Holiday Weekend/Late Summer Cruise 24 Aug

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Re: Bank Holiday Weekend/Late Summer Cruise 24 Aug

Post by Wilksy » September 4th, 2019, 12:37 am

Hi all
just a note to recount some of our enjoyable adventures on the late summer cruise. Fox's was our first port of call and we were welcomed by their Cruising Commodore Graham and personally berthed by the newish harbour master. I'm afraid Starfire went on to virtually clean up in their raffle with Wendy winning their star prize. They didn't seem to mind too much and the atmosphere was great - such a good idea to join them in their post 'Two Rivers Race' celebrations.
Sunday and the sunny backwaters were a picture as we arrived in Titchmarsh where Penny & Roger on Decem had arrived earlier and we were all hosted brilliantly on Polo IV.
Next day a drift and motor to Shotley and an early start on Tuesday for Woodbridge. Ah Woodbridge where we were joined by Derek & Trish on Lady Louise who made it over the sill with at least two inches to spare (great timing Derek). A brilliant sunny day with a fine pub meal in the evening and a rather moist barbecue on Wednesday saw us ready to tackle Bawdsey on a falling tide Thursday - yes we shot out of Woodbridge like the proverbial bullets for a good sail to Harwich where the wind got a little fierce seeing two boats put into Shotley and two into Levington (who couldn't take all four of us).
Well, then Friday brought the usual 20 knot south westerly winds giving me the chance to study the windfarm in greater detail before tacking to almost make it over the Colne Bar in two tacks. Probably could have done it but thought the north eagle route would give me more tide and more water. So Bradwell and a meal in the clubhouse before a gentle run back to Tollesbury on Saturday.
I've missed out loads (especially our trips to the bottle banks of the East coast - passage plans available on request).
So thanks to the injured yet steadfast Rob for all of his work in making this a great trip and to all of the fellow Late Cruisers.
Cheers! Brian

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Re: Bank Holiday Weekend/Late Summer Cruise 24 Aug

Post by challenge2 » September 4th, 2019, 9:29 am

Well done Brian - good write up
Bob Gant
Challenge II

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